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As a DONA (Doulas of North America) certified birth doula, Stephanie is very open-minded about labour and birth. She feels that personal choice is essential to have a positive birth experience and that each woman is entitled to to be aware of all her options during pregnancy and childbirth.  

Stephanie believes that preparation on behalf of the parents, with the help of a doula, can provide a smooth transition for Baby from womb to world. She is passionate about supporting your decisions so that your new family can get the best possible start.

Her goals as a doula are:

 · To make sure the mother never has to be alone while labouring. That she is always emotionally & physically supported by either her partner, or her doula. 

·  To provide countless comfort measures, breathing techniques, and labouring positions, in order to help women and couples achieve the best possible birth experience. 

·  To help the labouring woman know she will be supported during any decision she makes. 

·  To be your advocate, not your voice. For the labouring woman to feel confident enough to make her own decisions, knowing she will have the support of her birthing team.

·  To help parents transition into parenthood with confidence knowing they have plenty of support and resources at their finger tips. 


Contact Information

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Stephanie Stewart

DONA Certified Birth Doula

*Stephanie is currently on maternity-leave expecting her 2nd baby! However, she will be taking clients due August 2013 and fall/winter 2013. Inquire by e-mail for more details!